The EIA Sub-Working Group Plastics in Irrigation held a meeting with APE
The purpose of this meeting is to agree on the possibilities of cooperation between our two organisations.
Debernard joined the EIA as member
For more than 50 years, Debernard has been providing innovative irrigation solutions to the fruit and vegetable sector, wineyard keepers and farmers in the Central and Western regions of France.
EIMA show : the European Irrigation Association held a cocktail party on November 10, 2022
The EIA held a cocktail party on Thursday 10 November 2022 at 18:00, on the Eima show floor. 50 participants (members and not member yet) from Europe and the United States attended to the cocktail.  The cocktail party started with 45 minutes of speeches and presentations.
Drop Joined EIA as member
Drop has been providing filtration solutions in agriculture, industry and water application since 1971. The company is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The EIA Working group 4 held a meeting on October 20, 2022
Preparation of EIA course for professionals who want to become EIA teachers in their own countries or regions and in their local language.
The European Irrigation Association (EIA) held on October 13, 2022  a virtual Autumn Irrigation Forum.
During 1.5 hours sessions, participants attended very interesting presentations which main themes were sustainability and innovation
Rain Bird® Europe Celebrates 50 Years
Rain Bird Europe has announced the celebration of its 50th anniversary. A major milestone for the worldwide irrigation leader, the company plans to commemorate this significant achievement with several events and activities throughout the second half of 2022 and into 2023.
The EIA working group 6 held a meeting on September 8
Different topics were discussed during this meeting : EIA next Irrigation Forum, Eima show .....
The EIA sub-Working Group 1, Plastic in Irrigation, held a meeting on 1 August
Main objective of this meeting : Mapping the different plastic components in Irrigation.
Irmasys joined EIA as member
We are happy to announce that Irmasys joined EIA as member. IRMASYS P.C. provides technical advisory/consulting services on water management in agriculture.
Urbasense joined EIA as member
We are happy to announce that Urbasense joined EIA as member. Urbasense helps nature thrive in the city, maximizing plants adaptability and root development. Urbasense has established a unique Agronomic Watering method. The Minisense continuously measures water requirements and root growth. Urbasense guide users on good watering practices that are often forgotten.
The EIA held its Summer Irrigation Forum on 30 June, 2022
The European Irrigation Association (EIA) organized on June 30, 2022  a virtual Summer Irrigation Forum. This time we learnt more about two subjects: The presentation of Sat-Irrig tool, an Irrigation scheduling tool based on satellite images, The concept of agri-voltaism, the simultaneous production of crops and electricity.