EIA Working Group Sustainability Agriculture Meeting – May 10, 2023
The group discussed the synergies between this activity and the consultancy of Ambrosetti House for the EU taxonomy.Ambrosetti House could help in the finalization of the definition of “sustainable irrigation”, the relevant metrics and priorities and in the selection of a reputable certification agency.
Hydreset joined EIA as member
Hydreset Irrigation Support System - a dynamic gas exchange system used while distributing nutrients in horticultural crops.
Call for action for irrigation companies engaged in sustainability
A project for the European Irrigation Association to position the irrigation sector in the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, seizing the opportunities coming from Sustainable Finance. The larger the group the louder the voice to promote a representation of the sector along the whole supply and value chain
Welcome to Pipelife
Pipelife is a leading supplier of piping system solutions for infrastructure, buildings and agriculture.
France-Pivots Announces the Acquisition of Challenge-Agriculture, Specialists in the Design and Manufacture of Decision-Making Support Tools for Irrigation
France-Pivots, a major player in the irrigation of field crops in France, reinforces its position as a leader in smart irrigation as a consequence of the acquisition of Challenge-Agriculture, a company specialising in the use of tensiometers for irrigation scheduling.
Poelsan joined the EIA as member
POELSAN has been producing and supplying PP compression fittings for more than 25 years of experience.
Green eco friendly city and urban forest landscape abstract.Generative AI
Bruno Molle, the EIA Executive Advisor, presented to the group a summary of the 5 topics developed by the Working Group last year, with the aim of establishing a White Paper. Everyone gave their opinion about the draft summarize send by Bruno.
Rivulis announces completion of the acquisition of Jain Irrigation’s International Irrigation Business 
Rivulis Pte. Ltd. (“Rivulis”) has announced ton April 3rd that it has received full regulatory approval for the acquisition of multiple overseas subsidiaries which comprise the International Irrigation Business (“IIB”) of Jain Irrigation.
Pimtas Plastik joined the EIA as a member
PIMTAS PLASTIK is the biggest manufacturer of U-PVC fittings, pipes, valves, PP compression fittings and HDPE pipes in Türkiye.
Green eco friendly city and urban forest landscape abstract.Generative AI
During 2 hours sessions, we attended very interesting presentations whose main themes were the fight against global warming in cities.
Challenges and opportunities of applying the European Taxonomy to the irrigation industry
To support the financial sector in meeting the sustainable investments targets that will lead Europe to carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Commission introduced a new common classification system at the international level for sustainable companies, the EU Taxonomy
MAT Holding turnover at €364 million in 2022
Prominent in the 2022 financial results is the increase in sales in the water division, especially in the Mexican and Indian markets.