WG 5 (Waste water reuse) held a meeting In December, : Comments on the result of the survey held in June

Working Group 5 (Waste water reuse) held a meeting on Monday 12 December, 2022 : Comments on the result of the survey held in June

Participants :

Bruno Molle, EIA (Leader)

Javier Juarez, Azud

Pablo Carnicero, Regaber

Kaïs Jelali, ApexEnergy

Alessandro Calanna, Irritec

Fleur Martin, Irrigazette and EIA

Moshi Berenstein, Netafim and EIA


The meeting started with a presentation by Bruno Molle, the leader of the group, about the activities of the Working Group in 2022 :

  • Sharing draft ISO documents
  • Organizing a forum in March : Presentation of the Poseidon Decision support tool
  • Holding a survey in May with a part dedicated to waste water reuse : 80% of respondents have been involved in reuse projects.

What to do in the group in the future :

  • Continuing the sharing of information, guidelines, reports, standards;
  • Planning technical conferences in collaboration with the training WG.

Moshi: Reuse remains a key topic, problem of nominating the experts members to develop the topic, 3 main aspects: knowledge sharing (understand the basics and regulation), visit sites of existing projects, training provision may be difficult better to be involved in event).  Better to move toward a knowledge sharing platform: many videos that are on the web, many experiences reported.   This platform could be started from contributions from the members, trying to be question specific to targeted population.  Then building a project to communicate on it.

Alessandro: some projects undergoing with domestic wastewater in the south, numerous testing but not yet able to provide training, ok to share.

Pablo: lot of projects are operated, promote the knowledge sharing from the companies, includes policy making examples.

Kais: the end-user side, how and how much? Are key questions.

Fleur: organizing visits and reporting once or twice a year, side of main European events with web report further.


  • Organizing training will be too complicated for people that are involved in Reuse projects but are not experts; 
  • Numerous communication material is already existing on the web that could be identified, targeted and disseminated to interested people via the web site; 
  • Telling a story… making good use of existing real cases: oriented toward basic understanding of difficulties and benefits; of on-going projects that communicate of their findings; 
  • Try to be question specific, oriented more on experience return that pure knowledge, answering questions such as how and how much? 
  • Possibly to report on visits that members make (Fleur and Bruno to propose a way to process).





Waste water reuse meeting – 12/12/2022


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