Lite-Soil joined EIA as member in December 2022

Lite-Soil joined EIA as member in December 2022

We have the pleasure to welcome Lite-Soil as EIA member.

LITE-SOIL products are biological degradable and sustainable water storage and underground irrigation systems made out of nonwovens in net and strip form for the sustainable greening in the landscaping sector (trees, lawns, soccer fields, athletic fields, golf courses, roof greening, slopes, raised planting beds & boxes etc.

With these products up to 70% water consumption can be saved compared to conventional above ground irrigation.

LITE-SOIL a Vienna based company,  Austria and all products are produced within the EU with our true to our motto: “each drop counts”

The company’s USP is its high level of expertise in nonwovens and the continuous development of new products to protect our plants against climate change and less rain, and to provide sustainable greening.

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