Mega Group Trade joined the EIA as member
Mega Group Trade is an international wholesaler in water technics with sales offices in seven countries on north-western Europe.
The EIA WG 6 (communication) held a Meeting on March 2, 2023
Main topic : update on social medias, organization of the forums, next EIA face to face event, rebuiding of the brochure in 4 languages
EIA Working Group 1 held a Meeting on March 1st
Main topic : Challenges and opportunities of applying the European Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance to the irrigation industry
Elie Fares became an EIA member as Individual
Elie Fares is a professional Irrigation Engineer working for Jack Construction WLL (Doha, Qatar). He is conducting Landscape Irrigation projetcs in the Qatari Capital (Doha) where they use wastewater.
Green Cityzen joined the EIA as member
Greencityzen develops connected solutions for the environment with a focus on water.
The EIA held its Winter Irrigation Forum on 26 January, 2023
The European Irrigation Association (EIA) held on January 26, 2023  a virtual Winter Irrigation Forum. This time we learnt more about two subjects: Advancing regenerative agriculture, carbon science, and ecosystem service markets: Opportunities for irrigation. Control watering in green city environment.
We are please to welcome the University of Ljubljana as member
Centre for agricultural land management and agrohydrology at Biotechnical Faculty in the leading research group in irrigation system development and promotion of new technologies in Slovenia.
THE Machines Yvonand became EIA member
THE Machines Yvonand SA is a dynamic company in constant expansion. They build machines and complete production lines for customers worldwide.
Poliext joined the EIA as member
Poliext is a family-owned production company located in Hungary, offering solutions in the fields of CONSTRUCTION, WATER SUPPLY & IRRIGATION.
Amiad Water System Europe joined the EIA as member
Early January 2023, we are very pleased to welcome Amiad Europe as EIA member.
Inovato just became member of the EIA
Congratulation to Inovato, which became member of the EIA in last December.
The EIA held its General Assembly online on  November 18 , 2022
Moshi Berenstein reported on main EIA activities carried out in the last months, including the cocktail at the EIMA show, the members’ survey, the online Forums and the 6 EIA Working Groups (see the Powerpoint attached).    Then, Bruno Molle, EIA Executive Advisor, presented the main outcomes of the survey to rebuild the EIA Strategy (Link...