EIA – European Irrigation Association (EIA) is a non-profit-making organization

Who we are?

The European Irrigation Association (EIA), registered in Brussels,is a non-profit-making organization, active since 1996, which represents irrigation professionals throughout Europe from the Agricultural and Landscape sectors. Our members are manufacturers, installers, contractors and distributors of irrigation equipment as well as researchers, designers and consultants.

The EIA aim is to act as the leading voice of the Irrigation industry at the EU institutions andcommittees, promoting best-practices and the transferof know-how in all matters relating to water management.

The EIA’s capacity to act as a voluntarily association is entirely based on the contribution made by its members in terms of time and effort and the subscription fees that enable us to execute our workplan.

What we do?

Our mission is to promote the continued development of irrigation products, practices and services and advocate sustainable industry standards and water management policies that will result in a stable legal environment for irrigation professionals.

By promoting and outlining advanced water saving technologies, innovation in irrigation efficiency and best water conservation practices, we legitimize the voice of the irrigation industry in the EU’s discussions on water.

Our main activities are aimed at influencing the European decision-makers by creating partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders, thus promoting our mutual interests.