European Irrigation Association Survey Result

European Irrigation Association Survey Result

A survey has been organized by EIA to better understand the expectation of the Irrigation professionals.  74 answers were received from EIA members and non-members. 

The variety of professionals (manufacturers, dealers, installers, designers, extensions) and skills were well represented, as well as the variety of domains of activity (emitters, pipes, fitting, accessories, sensors, controllers, models…).

The main challenges and concerns faced by the profession can be represented as a cloud of words (the terms irrigation and water were removed as they obviously dominate).

The main concerns turn around water resources potential scarcity (supply, drough) and the necessity to operate water saving methods, based on smart technologies and practices under climate change pressure.  The rising prices of materials (supply chain), energy and logistics increase costs and prices which threaten end-users positions.  Recruiting skilled employees is an issue reinforced by the undergoing shift in generation, hence training and education will be central.

The profession has to renew its image in citizens and authority eyes, as irrigation is often considered as water waste, ignoring all the progresses and indirect benefits it provides (employment, mitigation of climate change effects, economy…).

These conclusions will be analyzed in 6 EIA working groups to draw future action plans.

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