WG6 – Communication

Leader : Fleur Martin, Irrigazette

The task of this group is to pass on to the different stakeholders the knowledge and best practices that our sector offers for Europe’s most urgent issues: Professional technical content, technological innovations and case studies.

The group is working on the implementation of the EIA Communication strategy, improving communication tools (Web Site and social networks), EIA events and forums in partnership with the magazine Irrigazette.

The group is also responsible for the Editorial Committee aiming to create a non-commercial technical and agronomic library for the members.

Join the group : communication@irrigationeurope.eu


Céline Palvadeau – celine.palvadeau@netafim.com
Keith Bellin – keith.bellin@irritec.com
Pilar Uretta – pilarurreta@matholding.com
Bruno Perroni – bruno.perroni@lindsay.com
Vicky Barbouti – vicky.barbouti@rivulis.com

Tulay Durgun : tulaydurgun@poelsan.com


Recent findings/accomplishments of the working group

EIA Working group Communication and Taxonomy : proposition of a communication strategy for the Taxonomy project
During the latest WG taxonomy and WG Communication meeting on September 11, 2023, we defined a proposition of communication strategy for the taxonomy project, taking into account all the participants suggestions
The EIA WG 6 (communication) held a Meeting on March 2, 2023
Main topic : update on social medias, organization of the forums, next EIA face to face event, rebuiding of the brochure in 4 languages
The EIA working group 6 held a meeting on September 8
Different topics were discussed during this meeting : EIA next Irrigation Forum, Eima show …..
EIA Working Group 6 (Communication) held a meeting on May 3, 2022
Different topics were discussed during this meeting : welcome to Bruno Perroni, a new member ….  
Communication Working Group : The new website golive end of January 2022 !
Working Group 6 meeting was held on January  18 and had  4 participants: Fleur Martin – EIA (leader), Pilar Urreta, Mathloding – Céline Palvadeau, Netafim – Oriol Torrano, ITC. Different topics were discussed during this meeting :
EIA Working Group 6 held a meeting on November 18, 2021
Different topics were discussed during this meeting : Statistics of EIA website and Social Network …..