The EIA WG 6 (communication) held a Meeting on March 2, 2023

The EIA WG 6 (communication) held a Meeting on March 2, 2023

Participants : Keith Bellin, Irritec – Vicky Barbouti, Rivulis

Excused : Céline Palvadeau, Netafim – Bruno Perroni, Lindsay – Oriol Torrano, ITC – Pilar Uretta, Regaber 



  1. Social medias and website – update


Fleur Martin gave an update on social media statistics.


LinkedIn is doing very well with over 2800 followers, and Facebook is doing well (532 followers).

A year earlier, the LinkedIn page had 1,465 followers, and a year earlier only 470.

The participants were very impressed by this rapid increase.

Fleur asked the participants about the desirability of opening an Instagram page for the EIA.

Vicky replied that Instagram is more of a social media for photos and videos, not for content, so it may not be suitable for the association.

Keith said that personally he would focus on a strong medium, LinkedIn, and try to make it stronger.

Keith and Vicky suggested posting job opportunities for members on LinkedIn.

They also suggested to Fleur to have an editorial plan, visiting once a month the websites of the members, take some news and republish them on the website and social medias.


Then Fleur shared the statistics of the website with the participants.


The site had 566 visitors last month, which is stable since the site went live a year ago.

She also showed the participants the number of visits per country: France, the United States, Italy and Spain are the first countries to visit the site. This is somewhat logical as these are the countries with the most members.


  1. Irrigation Forums


Fleur advised Kith and Vicky that the Board decided to hold 4 forums per year, and the format of the forums is shorter :

Introduction by Moshi Berenstein, welcome to new members by Fleur Martin, and only two speakers (one invited speaker and one speaker among the members presenting an new technology).

Vicky and Keith agreed it doesn’t have to be longer.


Fleur advised the participants about the latest forum, which was held on January 26.


65 people from Europe and the United States attended to the meeting, 110 registered.

This time, the forum ran smoothly – No technical problem – no timing problem

Invited speaker :

Agreena’s Chief Science Officer, Nathan Torbick, PhD – “Advancing regenerative agriculture, carbon science, and ecosystem service markets: Opportunities for irrigation”

Innovation technology session  :

“Control watering in green city environment” by Paul Van Breda, Irri-Spec.

The participants didn’t attend to the forum, but they gave their feedback : very interesting topic, concerning for the EIA members.


Fleur advised the participants about the topics of the next forum, which will be hold on March 30.


This time, the forum will be a landscape forum.


  1. Invited speaker :

Martina Garcia de Cezar, Engineer in sanitation and environment (UFSC), PhD student (INRAE UMR G-Eau Montpellier and AgroParisTech) :

“Irrigated urban vegetation to mitigate heat waves in cities: Concepts and methodology of analysis”.

  1. Innovation technology session :

 Coralie Tavassoli, Urbasense :

 « Agronomic reasoning of plants watering in the city to facilitate their cooling effects»


Keith and Vicky validated the content and speakers, and send that sustainable content were always relevant to talk about.



  1. EIA events for 2023


The EIA is planning to organize a Face to face Event : General Assembly and Gathering

The problem is that there is no important exhibition this year, as Eima.


Fleur asked the participants their feedback about 3 options :

  • After Irrigazette annual Editorial Committee on June 15 in Aix-en-Provence.
  • One day only for the association in a city of Spain or Italy (Barcelona, for exemple).
  • During Paysalia exhibition – Lyon France in December 2023 or Agritechnica – Hanover, Germany in November 2023

Vicky said due to the small budget of the EIA, it is a good idea to combine the meeting with Irrigazette’s event.



  1. EIA new brochure :


We need to rebuild the brochure of presentation of EIA in 4 languages (French – Italian – Spanish – English)

Fleur Martin shareed the brochure (English) with the participants, and they gave their comments on it.  

Vicky :

“The benefits of joining” should be bigger, because it is the main purpose of the brochure.

There is too much text on the cover.

Text inside should be refreshed in a more brandly way, with icons.

Back cover : review the presentation of the logos.


Summary by: Fleur Martin


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