The EIA working group 6 held a meeting on September 8

The EIA Working Group 6 held a meeting on September 8, 2022

Participants : Pilar Uretta, Regaber – Keith Bellin, Irritec.

Excused : Céline Palvadeau, Netafim – Bruno Perroni, Lindsay – Oriol Torrano, ITC.


  1. Social medias – update

Fleur Martin gave an update on the social media statistics. LinkedIn is doing very well with over 2000 followers, and facebook is not so good (621 followers).

Pilar said that LinkedIn makes sense but facebook does not, as it is not a professional social media. She suggests closing the association’s facebook page. Keith agrees. Fleur Martin will check with the board members at the next board meeting.


Fleur Martin proposed to the participants to work on the following topic : What is a good post on the social medias ?

Keith : the best way is to keep trying. The most you try, the most you can.

Pilar : combining a picture, a videao and a short text. People don’t read. The shorter is the text, the best it is, and the photo is very important.

Pilars : Doing some taggs with people and key words.


  1. Website – update

Fleur Martin showed the participants the site’s traffic statistics: about 500 visitors per month, and asked them for some ideas on how to increase traffic to the site :

  • Each time we have a new content, making a link on the social medias.
  • Promoting the new articles on the homepage.
  • “Technical resources” isn’t a good title for the articles’ section. Maybe we should change it.

Fleur Martin suggested to open a shared Excel file for our next meeting : How to increase number of visitors on EIA website ?


  1. EIA next virtual Irrigation Forum : October 13 or 14, 2022

Proposition of topics and invited speakers :

Bruno Cheviron, RSEau Project. Mobilization of financial compensation for eco-efficient irrigation

– Agreena : design office – presentation on carbon sequestration.

– A.Noforesti : Presentation about Sustainability. Consideration of sustainability in this type of approach, he proposes to illustrate with an example with the use of NBS.


Innovation technology session  :

Lindsay wants to present their new technology (IoT for Center Pivots).


Comments of participants : Very appropriate content. Good mix between technical and sustainability.


  1. Eima : November 9 – 13, 2022

EIA will have a Booth in Eima and organize a cocktail party on the trade-fair.   


Suggestion of participants to promote the event :

Writing a press release about the event and publish it on the website and the social medias, and send it to Eima organisers.


  1. EIA Editorial Committee :

 IRRIGATION It’s not a matter of just turning on the tap By Yann Kerveno

Pistachio : Precision Irrigation for watering the green gold.

The participants gave permission to publish both papers on the EIA website.


Next meeting : end of November


Summary by: Fleur Martin


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