EIA Working Group 6 (Communication) held a meeting on May 3, 2022

EIA Working Group (Communication) held a meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2021

Working Group 6 meeting was held on May 3 and had  4 participants: Fleur Martin, EIA (leader) – Keith Bellin, Irritec – Vicky Barbouti, Rivulis – Bruno Perroni, Lindsay

Different topics were discussed during this meeting :


  1. A new comer in Working Group 6 : Bruno Perroni from Lindsay


Bruno Perroni introduced himself. Bruno is an agricultural engineed and is based in The Netherlands (Lindsay Netherlands).


  1. Social medias – update


Fleur Martin shared social media statistics with the participants: 1528 followers on LinkedIn, and 522 followers on facebook. She asked participants how they get more followers in their businesses.

Ideas of participants :  doing paid campaigns on both on LinkedIn and Facebook, even with a small budget. Posting at least one article or news per week.


  1. Website upgrade


Fleur Martin informed the participants that the EIA new website go live at the end of January. After a few weeks of use she asked the webmaster to make 2 changes :

–           Event registration email to contain an .ics file that participants to forum can import into Outlook.

–           When events happened, to make the events appear as “past events“, so we will have an historic of the forums.


  1. New members – update :


Fleur Martin informed the participants that 3 new members joined the association :  

–  Hydralians, an important french distributor.

– Vincent Trottet as individual. Ex Rain Bird, now working in France Arrosage.

– Clearwater Asia, the distributor of Dosatron and AAS in South East Asia and China.

We maintaned the 30 % discount on the membership fees for the new comers.


  1. EIA next virtual Irrigation Forums :


Before the meeting, Fleur Martin sent to the participants some ideas of topics suggested during EIA latest Board meeting.

The topic about green deal caught the attention of the participants.


Agenda of the next forum, which will be held on June 30 :


Moshi Berenstein : Presentation of the association and the agenda,  up-date on the 6 working groups and Fleur Martin will welcome the new member who have recently joined the EIA.

Invited speakers :

Dr. Michel Le Page, IRD – CESBIO, LMI TREMA, Marrakech, Maroc :

Presentation of Sat-Irrig tool. The “Evapotranspiration” Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) develop mapping of evapotranspiration, particularly over irrigated or unirrigated agricultural areas, based on thermal imagery.

– Innovation and technology session: 

Damien Fumey, Sun’Agri : presentation about dynamic agrivoltaism. This technology is combining crop production and the generation of energy.

Participants thought the agenda very interesting, especially the agr-ivoltaÎc part. They added that Sat-Irrig tool is always an interesting topic.

They said they would be interesting in topics about recycling


  1. EIA Editorial Committee :


Two articles was submitted to participants for approval  :



The group decided to publish both on the website.


7- Operation of our working group :

it was decided to involve more the participants in the activities of the working group, in particular to create a document: “How to increase the visibility of EIA on social networks”.

To join this group, please send an email to : communication@irrigationeurope.eu