Olivier Ravise just became EIA member as individual

Olivier Ravisé joined the EIA a member early July 2023. 

Coming from a family of farmers over several generations and more recently from agricultural engineers
and researcher, Olivier Ravisé has always had a strong sensitivity for agronomy, agriculture and all topics
related to the ecological transition. It is therefore natural that he decided in 2015 to use his area of
expertise, which is at the same time managerial, financial and industrial, to set up an agritech hub
concept to meet, with other partners, the important challenges of climate change and food security in
this twenty-first century.

Olivier has set up consequently a multidisciplinary team and a small consortium of private and public
companies and research organizations to develop the project of the “Ferme de La Forêt d’Orléans” where
it is planned, among other things, to experiment on twenty hectares different hydroponic irrigation
systems in the open fields with semi-transparent photovoltaic shades above soft fruit crops. The official
launch of the project will be carried out before the end of 2023.