Call for action for irrigation companies engaged in sustainability

Call for action for irrigation companies engaged in sustainability

EIA launches with the support of Ambrosetti House (1) a continent wide call for irrigation professionals to join sustainability process based on the European Taxonomy (2). This will pave the way for the irrigation sector to enter in the new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Report Disclosure) that will soon be enforced by the Environmental Delegated Act (3) to fulfil Paris.

This is a new project for the association to position the irrigation sector in the race to sustainability. Sustainability policy concerns as well supply and value chains, first large companies but soon smaller ones.

The project relies on the input of a Working Group (3) providing information that will be used but kept confidential. This WG is open for new members as they commit to engage.

To participate in the project, you need to be an EIA member. The working load corresponds to a few hours per month over the 4 months duration of the project and the first meeting of the WG will take place after by the end of May.

We invite you to join us and take part in this European project. Being part of the project will give you a  deep knowledge of how the taxonomy works with a specific analysis of the current situation and the applicability of the framework to our sector.

The larger the group is, the louder is the voice. If we are all together, we are going to be heard at the European institutions level.

For participation, please contact Bruno Molle


  4. Provisional list of WG participants: Javier Jurez (Azud), Marie Laure Cohen (Netafim), Giusy Infrerra (Irritec), Thierry Haller (Rivulis), Coralie Tavassolie (Urbasense), Dennis Balasus (Hunter)