WG4 – Training and the transfer of knowledge

Leader : Damir Cizmek, In-Aqua

This group intends to promote advanced irrigation know-how, providing an educational value for the participants, with a practical applicability that falls outside the product range of any specific manufacturer.

The aim is to promote competence in the design, installation and operation of irrigation systems with an emphasis on saving water and sustainability.

The group will undertake the creation of training programs in different formats and liaise with the providers of (non-academic) irrigation training at national level, thus encouraging the harmonization of the training requirements for the irrigation professionals.

Join the groupdamir@inaqua.hr

Participants : 

Ramunas Rederis – ramunas@laistymas.lt
Romeo Dragan – romeo.dragan@rivulis.com
Paul Van Breda – paul@vbs-irrigatie.be
Rob Hoogeveen – mailto:certifieddesignsinc@gmail.com

Recent findings/accomplishments of the working group

Training and Knowledge Transfer WG : Involve EIA members in training
The EIA should focus on tapping into knowledge base and training capacity of its members and offer a knowledge sharing platform that promotes modern irrigation technologies and practices contributing to increased water use efficiency.
The second meeting of EIA work group Training and Knowledge transfer took place on 29 June 2021.
The objective of the meeting was to review the proposed models for Training of irrigation professionals and decide on models and training courses which will have priority attention of the group. Other forms of knowledge transfer were not specifically discussed at this meeting and will be part of agenda in some of the future meetings….
The kick-off teleconference of the EIA work group Training and Knowledge transfer took place on 20 May 2021.
The discussion started with reviewing the history of EIA involvement in education and certification of irrigation professionals and the lessons learned over more than two decades of providing training courses and CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor) training and certification.It was acknowledged that knowledge transfer to irrigation professionals remains among the most important roles of the association, especially at…