Training and Knowledge Transfer WG : Involve EIA members in training

Training and Knowledge Transfer WG : Involve EIA members in training

Training and knowledge transfer has always been recognized to be among most important roles of the EIA. However, it is evident that the challenges and costs of developing own training courses, with requirements for teaching materials, recruitmentand training of trainers in multiple languages, organization of training events, etc. far exceed current EIA abilities. EIA should therefore cooperate with, promote, and support various providers of fundamental irrigation knowledge but should not itself engage in developing and organizing courses on irrigation design and installation basics.

Instead, the EIA should focus on tapping into knowledge base and training capacity of its members and offer a knowledge sharing platform that promotes modern irrigation technologies and practices contributing to increased water use efficiency.

Most irrigation manufacturers (even many distributors) are already involved in training of irrigation professionals and growers. With little adjustments of their existing training materials, the EIA members should be invited to engage in a training program which would be offered through EIA platform. Such effort would facilitate knowledge dissemination beyond the boundaries of brand determined training schemes and, and the same time it would further validate the company’s commitment to overall advancement in irrigation water management.   








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