WG2 – Urban Landscape

Leader: Santiago Casanella, Hunter Industries

This WG focuses on the promotion of smart irrigation solutions in urban areas.

Examples of themes addressed in this working group are:

  • The importance of Green Areas/Landscape in the Cities
  • Green Roofs and Living Walls, urban forests.
  • New parks.
  • The use of devices that reduce water consumption.
  • Centralization of irrigation systems.
  • Smart Cities.
  • Maintenance of green areas.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Sustainability (Ecolabels, Bream and LEED certifications).
  • Drafting and preparing white papers.
  • Best irrigation practices etc.

Join the groupsantiago.casanellaroca@hunterindustries.com

Participants :

Xavier Botrel – xbotrel@rainbird.eu
Lorenzo Arcangeli – lorenzo.arcangeli@hunterindustries.com
Ramunas Rederis – ramunas@laistymas.lt
Paul Van Breda  – paul@vbs-irrigatie.be
Joao Florido – joao.florido@normagroup.com
Rafael Diaz – rafaeldiaz@riegoturf.com
Damir Čizmek –damir@inaqua.hr
Vojtěch Malina – vojtech.malina@cleverfarm.ag
Rob Hoogeveen – certifieddesignsinc@gmail.com