WG2 – Urban Landscape

Leader: Santiago Casanella, Hunter Industries

This WG focuses on the promotion of smart irrigation solutions in urban areas.

The Goal of the group : To be able to provide a kind of White Book for the Urban Landscape

Examples of themes addressed in this working group are:

  • The importance of Green Areas/Landscape in the Cities
  • Green Roofs and Living Walls, urban forests.
  • New parks.
  • The use of devices that reduce water consumption.
  • Centralization of irrigation systems.
  • Smart Cities.
  • Maintenance of green areas.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Sustainability (Ecolabels, Bream and LEED certifications).
  • Best irrigation practices etc.

Join the groupsantiago.casanellaroca@hunterindustries.com

Participants :

Xavier Botrel – xbotrel@rainbird.eu
Lorenzo Arcangeli – lorenzo.arcangeli@hunterindustries.com
Ramunas Rederis – ramunas@laistymas.lt
Joao Florido – joao.florido@normagroup.com
Rafael Diaz – rafaeldiaz@riegoturf.com
Damir Čizmek –damir@inaqua.hr
Dorothea Sulzbacher – dorothea.sulzbacher@lite-soil.com
Coralie Tavassoli – coralie.tavassoli@urbasense.fr

Harm de Visser – hdevisser@megagrouptrade.com

Miguel Agostinho – geral@hortus.pt

Recent findings/accomplishments of the working group

EIA Working 2 (Urban Landscape) : Final Policy Brief Urban Landscape
Bruno Molle, the EIA Executive Advisor, presented to the group a summary of the 5 topics developed by the Working Group last year, with the aim of establishing a White Paper. Everyone gave their opinion about the draft summarize send by Bruno.
Urban Landscape Working Group: Draft White Paper.
Each WG2 participant was assigned a topic to develop, with the aim of establishing a kind of white paper. The participants started to work on each topic and sent a first draft of their work.
Irrigation of the green grass with sprinkler system.
Marcos Pérez Martinez was one of our guest speakers at the EIA Fall Virtual Irrigation Forum on October 8, 2021. His presentation was titled: : “The best planning for irrigation systems »
EIA Working Group 2 (Urban Landscape) held a meeting on September 12, 2021
It was decided by the group to develop 5 topics of interest, and to and to divide the work among the different participants : The need of green areas in urban environments….
Objectives of WG2 : Elaboration of a White Paper, focus on why to use irrigation on the green areas
After present the content of the slides was agreed to not focus on water scarcity as it maybe a negative message despite we may not skip it. It was also agreed that each one will think and send some key points that we should develop….
Working Group Urban Landscape held two meetings : on the 10th on the 31st of May
On the first meeting, the participants spoke about how to develop this topic, there were several different ideas and finally it was agreed to focus on 5 key points and try to develop them for the second meeting …