WG 5 – Waste Water Reuse

Leader: Bruno Molle, Inrae

We do not need to remind ourselves of the need to rationalize the use of water and the necessary evolution towards a circular economy of resources.

The group’s objectives are to share technical experiences and the difficulties encountered in the development of Wastewater Reuse projects; identify the constraints involved (technology, risk mitigation), which are very different from those of a standard irrigation project :

  • Access to public data, decision-support tools and relevant research.
  • To produce thematic technical notes for EIA members.
  • To identify project leaders at European level and their national counterparts.
  • To integrate these elements into a knowledge transfer policy.
  • To be part and parcel of a regional development policy.
  • To contribute towards the revision of the regulations

Join the groupbruno.molle@inrae.fr


Damir Čizmek – damir@inaqua.hr
Sophie Gendre – s.gendre@arvalis.fr
Manuel Marti – Manuel.Marti@hunterindustries.com
Sebastian Schifris – Seba.Schifris@netafim.com
Igancio Diez Concha – idiez@azud.com


Recent findings/accomplishments of the working group