WG3 – Standardization

Leader: Michel Histel – Specialist Norms

The EIA encourages its members to collaborate with the national organizations involved in standardization and to support the establishment of comprehensive and quality-orientated international norms and standards.

The EIA recently joined two Technical Committees of the CEN, the European StandardizationCommittee: the CEN/TC 334 (Irrigation techniques) and the CEN/TC 144 (Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry, including hose reels machines, center pivots and lateral move systems).

This status of Liaison Partner gives the EIA a unique opportunity to influence the preparation of standards in these two key areas of our industry’s activities.  

Join the groupm_histel@orange.fr

List of participants : 

Romeo Dragan – romeo.dragan@rivulis.com
Alessandro Calanna – alessandro.calanna@irritec.com
Jean-François Cornacchia – jf.cornacchia@irrifrance.fr