EIA Working Group Standardization held a meeting on March 24, 2022

EIA Working Group Standardization held a meeting on March 24, 2022


Jesus Lopez Tapia and Cristina Madurga del Cura (CENTER, Madrid), Michel Histel and Bruno Molle (EIA). 


    • JLT and CMC made a point on current status of standardization in Irrigation, most of the activity is taking part on ISO side, most of CEN WGs are dormant.  The CENTER that assumes the role of secretary of TC334 needs strong technical support as they are in reduced number. More than strong technical support, we need the participation of other European countries, especially during the balloting processes. As we said during the meeting, we are working very hard at ISO and at national level to review and to prepare new standards. The CENTER has highly qualified technicians working on it and we already have the support of some Spanish experts but, we would like to receive some feedback from other countries. This is very important to develop useful standards, not only in Spain

      CEN is only active on remote monitoring and control (TC334, WG9) and localized irrigation??? (TC334 WG5??)[MB1] [MB1]This is correct.  Most of the standards adopted in the past need to be updated.  Regarding TC144 on machines safety[MB2] [MB2].  On ISO side the activity is better, but some standards need revision. In ISO, we are reviewing standards continuously. In fact, some standards are reviewed before the established official period if it’s needed. The only problem is that only few countries have active participation (Israel, USA, Canada, Spain and, sometimes, India and China) and we don’t received anything from the European countries.

      The main issue is the lack of reaction of European countries on draft standards, the format of CEN requires the countries to react and vote for projects, EIA can give technical inputs but can’t vote as it has a position of Observer.  Need to mobilize national technical correspondents and standardization bodies.  The same applies for ISO that needs the reaction on projects and vote of individual countries. 

      What to do: 

      • Make a synthesis of ISO and EN standards status: date of publication, need for revision, need for adaptation to the changing context (CMC and JLT); 
      • Give a list of subjects that could be of interest, in particular with the progress of robotisation or the questions around metering of irrigation waters; 
      • Find a way for EIA to contribute at minimum cost. 

To join this group, please send an email to : communication@irrigationeurope.eu