The EIA sub-Working Group 1, Plastic in Irrigation, held a meeting on 1 August

The EIA Sub-Working Group Plastics in Irrigation held a meeting on 1 August

  1. Participants:
    1. Moshi Berenstein (EIA president, Netafim)
    2. Ido Raanan (WG Head, Netafim)
    3. Jean-Sébastien BOMY (Rivulis)
    4. Warren S. Gorowitz (Hunter)
    5. Francesco Monteduro (Toro)
    6. Michel Histel (Consultant)


  1. Missing
    1. Giulia Giuffre (EIA WG Sustainability head, Irritec)
    2. Fleur Martin (EIA, Irrigazette)


  1. Agenda
    1. Call to order, competition law
    2. Approval of May’s meeting minutes.
    3. Mapping the different plastic components in Irrigation.
      1. In PC driplines, there are diaphragms that are not getting enough attention in the end-of-life preparation and awareness in general. Still, we are not sure if the quantities justify special attention. The ISO standard also does not refer to it.
    4. National collection schemes (NCS) – this is a sensitive issue, on the verge of competition law. We’ve agreed that the EIA position is to create awareness of market best practices but not recommend one (naturally, not to ask for alignment).
    5. Possible ways forward:
      • The EIA will publish an article in which the best practices of treating Irrigation products on their end-of-life will be detailed (The user’s correct treatment, NCS, Companies’ own solutions).
      • The EIA will publish an article reviewing the recent developments (R&D) in the markets of “design for recycling” and recycling of irrigation products.
      • The EIA will allocate a platform on its website for the members to publish their approaches.
      • EIA will allocate articles space on its website for certain topics like its approach to the recent reports from the CPA and the FAO.
      • The NCS list is still not completed.
      • The irrigation products list and the treatment of them is yet not complete.

              6- EIMA 2022

      • It was suggested to have the WG’s meeting at EIMA 2022 (November 9th ).
      • We’ll coordinate it with the EIA broader forum.


  1. Decisions
    1. We’ll set a meeting with APE from France to update about:
      • The EIA approach to different end-of-life solutions.
      • NCS schemes and best practices.
      • Technical specifications of products.

             2. Drafts for the website articles will be circulated internally

             3. The plastic WG gathering in EIMA will be set according to the EIA plans to be announced in the coming months.








Setting next sWG meeting (October)




Adding to the mapping file




Setting a meeting with APE




Publication on the website




Draft of articles




Summary by: Ido Raanan


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