The EIA is participating to the call European project : WATERNET4AGRI

The EIA is participating to the call European project : WATERNET4AGRI

This project aims to establish an EU advisory network on water use, increasing the exchange of knowledge and best practices on optimized water use and management, and supporting the translation of knowledge into application across the 27 EU Member States (while acknowledging and addressing relevant differences between European regions and states). Specifically, by empowering and supporting advisors and relevant stakeholders, WATERNET4AGRI aims to contribute to (1) modernizing water use and management in the agricultural sector by promoting the integration of advanced practices, tools and approaches; (2) promoting the implementation of multi-actor, bottom-up and collaborative approaches for co-creation of efficient solutions that addresses real-life water management related problems of farmers, policy makers and other stakeholders; and (3) integration of water advisors in Member States AKIS by equipping them with knowledge and skills to deliver training to farmers, support policy making process, lead local initiatives, and promote the uptake of science and innovation by all local stakeholders. The network activities will focus on four thematic areas which cover a large portion of challenges related to water quantity, quality sustainable management: irrigation, water retention, water pollution and water governance and collaborative approaches. The activities will include training for water advisors and relevant stakeholders (framers, policy makers, etc.), as well as policy-related workshops and instruments within the scope of the four above-mentioned themes. In the long run, the project is expected to contribute to the transition towards digitalized and sustainable agricultural sector, bridge relevant actors to create better farming, policies and cooperation between stakeholders, and support the achievement of objectives related to the Zero Pollution Action Plan and the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Green Deal.

Projects are reviewed by evaluators, scored and critiqued. Only 2 projects will be funded out of the 10 to 50 projects submitted. This project has a 10% chance of going ahead.



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