Rivulis aquires WCADI as part of designing a sustainable futur

Rivulis aquires WCADI as part of designing a sustainable futur

Every irrigation professional knows the value of an irrigation system designed to deliver the required amount of water and fertilizers to plants equally and efficiently at a specified time and location.The ability to accurately calculate hydraulic parameters to ensure efficiency underpins all good design.

The irrigation industry today uses software packages that make the task of designing efficient systems much easier and more rigorous. One of the best-known packages is WCADI, which was acquired by Rivulis earlier in 2021.

“A 40 year design software veteran, WCADI is based on robust hydraulic design algorithms and has a complete feature set. During the past four decades, WCADI has been used by dealers and growers throughout the world and has been used by the Rivulis’ design department since 1981,”saidRichard Klapholz, CEO.

The intention of Rivulis is to make the popular software product even better through a significant investment that will transform WCADI into a global design software leader representing best practice.

The company has established an internal team dedicated tofurther developing the manyfeaturesof WCADI, in particular its robustness and usability. It will also offer the software, training and service to its dealers and to design firms.

“This acquisition is an important step in our digital transformation and in our mission of making micro–irrigation accessibleto our customers through field trusted innovation. It is also a first strategic move backed and supported by our new ownership to build Rivulis into a global irrigation leader andsustainability brand,” said Klapholz.

Important features of WCADI include:

  • precise hydraulic design
  • capacity to handle large scale, complexprojects as well as smaller ones
  • fast solutions to complex designs
  • cost optimisation of energy, hydraulics and piping
  • quick comparison of alternatives
  • provision of operational irrigation data
  • automatic preparation of a bill of materials