Gerovit joined EIA as member on April 11, 2024 !

Gerovit joined EIA as member on April 11, 2024 !

Gerovit is a young company formed on experience with the intention to build a future bearer in the sypply of agricultural plastic products. 

Production facilities of company are located in city Arandjelovac, SERBIA. Gerovit has 130 employees and company is present in Serbian and the market of Europe with a tendency towards further growth of the market. They are focused on fast production and fast logistic.

Millions of acres around the world are protected from the sun with shading net resulting stable production and provide more crops owing to mulch foils, and at the end final products are packed in our raschel bags guarantees freshness and prevents mildew and rotting of products. Gerovit is also manufacturing Irrigation tapes and pipes. 

Using machines and tools from known manufacturers, such as: THE (Thomas), Reifenhäuser, Karl Mayer, Macchi, NGR and the other provides the latest processing technology.

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