Four European Companies Join Forces to Create the Scarabelli Group

Four European Companies Join Forces to Create the Scarabelli Group

The Scarabelli Group was created in 2022 with the aim of becoming a point of reference for the world of irrigation. In 2022, the Italian Private Equity Fund Aksìa Group set up IREX SpA. The Holding Company, through the Scarabelli Group, seeks to create an industrial group of reference at national and international level.

Combining the skills of the four companies that make up the Scarabelli Group (Scarabelli, Giunti, Europlast and Smacla) produces a profound know-how that enables the group to follow a path in line with the customers’ needs, from a made-to-measure design of the system to the production and distribution of irrigation products.

In just over a year the group moved on from acquiring two companies in June 2022, to acquiring two others, evolving from its historical and traditional realities to more innovative and contemporary solutions.

There is thus a blend of experience and innovation, resulting in an increasingly intelligent use of water.


Most of the companies of the Scarabelli Group have a long history; these are commercial realities that have been present on the market for decades. Acquiring these companies enables the group to develop the experience and professionalism accrued over time, thus becoming an important player on the global irrigation market.



Today it has 9 locations in Italy, France, Spain and Chile. Thanks to the extensive sales network, which has more than 30 sales staff, the group is able to disseminate its know-how and expertise at national and international level.Today the group has 9 locations in Italy and abroad, consisting of factories, warehouses and sales offices.

Scarabelli group is facing a phase of great growth and potential new aquisitions. There will be new locations and a staff that will count about 300 employees between italy and abroad.