Emrgy joined EIA as member

Emrgy joined EIA as member

Emrgy is redefining hydropower to be characterized by the same the attributes that catalyzed the exponential growth of the wind and solar power industries in recent decades: modularity and flexibility. Using innovative hardware and software technology, Emrgy delivers low-cost renewable power generation within water infrastructure, such as irrigation canals — directly addressing the energy/water nexus, balancing intermittent renewables in a distributed grid environment, and abating carbon emissions globally.

Emrgy’s automobile-sized hydropower turbines are simply placed into existing water infrastructure with no civil construction or dam needed. Based on the water depth and velocity, each turbine generates 10-40 kilowatts and up to 250 megawatt-hours per year, or the equivalence of 250-500 solar panels, and are placed in series along waterways to form arrays of generators just like solar or wind technologies.

Emrgy’s distributed hydropower arrays produce electricity between USD $0.02-0.06/kWh, representing attractive ROI for: (1) agricultural producers seeking to offset high grid rates or diesel; (2) water districts seeking a new revenue stream due to declining on-farm water usage; (3) renewable energy project investors seeking market-rate returns and higher capacity factors than intermittent alternatives.

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