EIA Working Group Sustainability Agriculture held a Meeting on December 4, 2023

EIA Working Group Sustainability Agriculture held a Meeting on December 4, 2024


  1. Giulia Giuffrè, Irritec
  2. Giusy Inferrera, Irritec
  3. Ido Raanan, Netafim
  4. Marco Bezzi, WiseConn Europe
  5. Serkan Özdoğan (Poelsan)
  6. Jessie Fonters (FAPPAC)
  7. Bruno Molle, IrrigationEurope



Giulia Giuffrè welcomed the participants and opened the meeting.

  • Call to order, competition law
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes of last meeting


  1. Certification labels

Ambrosetti House prepared a technical dossier screening the major existing standards and indicators of sustainable irrigation. This can be used to continue the work on certification labels. Bruno shared his experience of being contacted by Carrefour for advice on how to consider water footprint in the assessment of their suppliers. Carrefour did not find much reference on existing certifications. Bruno mentioned the taxonomy work. This is an example of how we can make our work count for this type of companies.


  1. EU Taxonomy

Follow up on the project with Ambrosetti House (finalization of the project). The position paper was submitted to the steering committee and will be submitted to the European Union by Dec 15h. Last revisions are under way. The EIA should think about a post-publication strategy to make the most of this work in terms of communication and stakeholder engagement. A dedicated EIA team may be an option with possible help of a consultant (Ambrosetti House or other to be discussed and defined).


  1. Plastic collecting and recycling in agriculture.

Ido Raanan, Leader of the group “sustainable plastic use in irrigation WG” (PWG) updated the group about the activities on APE and TEPPFA partnership for end-of-life management for irrigation products (specifically accessories). A customer-based survey is being drafted to collect data regarding the needs of the farmers for the collection of accessories.


  1. Communication 

Updates on taxonomy communication strategy and chance to present the position paper during (see above)

Side event in the World Water Week (https://worldwaterweek.org/programme-2023/theme-2023/2023-thematic-scope)

We are assessing the possibility to participate in 2024, best would be presenting the position paper on this occasion.

COP29 participation

We’ll think a way to participate as EIA in 2024.

The 2024 UN Climate Change Conference will convene in November 2024


  1. People of influence

List of Associations updated.  Organization and People of influence in Europe List.xlsx


Summarized by : Giusy Inferrera


To join this WG, please e-mail to :  communication@irrigationeurope.eu