EIA Working Group 6 (Communication) held its third Meeting on September 10, 2021

EIA Working Group 6 (Communication) held its third Meeting on September 10, 2021

Third  Working Group 6 meeting was held on September 10 and had 5 participants: Fleur Martin – EIA (leader), Vicky Barbouti – Rivulis, Céline Palvadeau – Netafim France and Keith Bellin – Irritec.
Different topics were discussed during this meeting. 

Redesigning the EIA website : Prototype

Content and coffee, a web agency based in Brussels with a strong experience in designing international association’s website, was chosen for the project.

They sent a first prototype for the website. The Working Group 6 participants gave lots of ideas to improve the prototype, especialy the design. We are now waiting for a second version.

Editorial committee

Aim of the Editorial committee  is to propose and select articles to develop EIA website content and create a technical library for members.The articles must be technically and agronomically satisfactory and no-commercial oriented.

Vicky Barbuti form Rivulis sent an article :  « Filtration protects your irrigation system, but how do you protect the filtration unit? ». All participants agreed that Vicky’s article can be published on the EIA website.

Irrigation forum : October 8, 2021

EIA will held a virtual irrigation forum on October 8, 2021 at 02:00 pm.

Agenda  :

  • Introduction by EIA President, Moshi Berenstein
  • Welcome to  new memberrs, EIA Communication Officer, Fleur Martin
  • Working Group up-dates : each leader will present his/her Working Group and activities
  • Guest Speaker 1 – Adriano Battilani, Irrigant d’Europe 
  • Guest Speaker 2 – Marcos Pérez Martinez from the company “Phares Ingeniería Áreas Verdes S.L.”. : The best planning for irrigation systems
  • Innovation & Technology session : RDI – Research Drip Irrigation 
  • Open session for Q & A

It was decided that Fleur will send the official invitation to participants, and they will share it with their professionnal network.

Eima exhibition : Otober 19-23, 2021

On Eima, EIA will share Irrigazette’s booth (16 square meters) and organise a cocktail on the trade-fair, after the exhibition, on  the second or the third day. Participants asked if it makes sense to organise a cocktail with lots of participants, due to covid restrictions.


The meeting was dynamic and the participants seemed interested in the activities of working group 6.

The next meeting of WG 6 will be held in beginning of November, after Eima.