EIA Working Group 2 (Urban Landscape) restarts

EIA Working Group 2 (Urban Landscape) restarts

The WG Leader Michael Fayaud (Urbasense) poposes to prioritise the work on the production of “minimum technical specifications”, which will enable the industry to align its standards with our work and discussions on the European Taxonomy.

These document(s) could be used by decision-makers to help them improve the design and operation of irrigation facilities, these could help us design the first step of a certification framework discussed during the Taxonomy project.

Here are some ideas to be discussed as part of this work  :

  • The questions concerning the control of water use according to the type of application (residential, green spaces, sports fields, golf courses, green walls and roofs…), and environnemental goals to be reached
  • The auditing of urban irrigation projects, an issue closely linked to the previous one
  • The definition of performance criteria for a watering installation in a landscape context: making different between one-time (field diagnosis) and long-term use; 
  • The definition of performance criteria for the use of integrated watering installations in a landscape context (would be valid for a period e.g. one year), and the methodology and rules for using these criteria

To join this WG, please e-mail to :  communication@irrigationeurope.eu