EIA Working Group 1 (Sustainable agriculture) held its second meeting on June 24, 2021

EIA Working Group 1 (Sustainable agriculture) held its second meeting on June 24, 2021

Participants  : Giulia Giuffrè, Irritec  (WG Leader) – Paolo Antini, Sentek – Stefania De Pirro, Rivulis – Pablo Carnicero, Regaber – Moshi Berenstein, Netafim – Tomas Brzobohaty, Clever Farm.

Topic of interest of this group :

  • Promotion of correct management of water as part of the solution for food demand, water and energy saving and an important contribution to development of agriculture (and not like a problem!)
  • Definition of a standard model to calculate savings in water, energy, fertilizers and production increase, for each type of irrigation system and transition from one irrigation model to another.
  • Inclusion of irrigation model in certifications of sustainability.
  • To address EU Commission including Irrigation in EU Funds.

During seconds meeting of EIA WG “Sustainability in Agriculture”,  participants have  shared a file containing the list of “people of influence” (EU commission, Irrigation associations, institutions, etc ….For example: Irrigants d’Europe, UK Irrigation Association, ANBI, CER… an others), in order to make some interviews to understand how to address EU Commission to Irrigation Management.

Participants discussed the importance of introducing EIA to them by a brief official presentation, possibly also inviting them to the next EIA’s event (next EIA virtual Irrigation  forum in October 2021).

Next meeting of EIA working Group 1 will be held early September.

To join this group, please send an email to : communication@irrigationeurope.eu.