Bruno Molle has been appointed as leader of a WaterEurope “Vision Leadership Team (VLT)” on Water-Smart Rural Areas for the period 2021-2024.

As a reminder, Water Europe (WE) is the voice and promoter of water-related innovation and RTD in Europe

WE is a purpose-driven multi-stakeholder association representing the whole diversity of the water eco-system with the ultimate objective to achieve a Water-Sm

WE Vision Leadership Teams (VLTs) WE Vision Leadership Teams are the strategic think tanks of WE that are tasked with driving the progressive implementation of the Water Europe Vision in order to achieve a Water-Smart Society. VLTs are about visionary leadership and teamwork. They are part of the WE Collaboration Programme and also provide input on request to the WE Advocacy Programme and the WE Policy Advisory Committee (WE PAC) for the purpose of shaping the WE policy positions and responding to public consultations by the European Commission. For the Programming Period 2021-2024, the VLT matrix will consist in three horizontal VLTs that are innovation[1]driven: Digital Water, Circular Water, and Grey-Green Infrastructures, three vertical VLTs that are implementation driven: Water-Smart Cities, Water-Smart Industries, and Water-Smart Rural Areas, and a holistic VLT on the Value of Water for our society and economy.

What is the role of the Vision Leadership Teams?

• Provide the strategic and frontward drivers for the achievement of a Water-Smart Society.

• Contribute by providing the directions for the implementation and the update of the Water Europe Vision and SIRA by identifying and setting the priorities for R&I for the water sector.

• Represent and act as ambassadors for Water Europe by promoting strategic bridges and contacts to systematically interlink the different elements of the water ecosystem.

• Collaborate with and provide strategical inputs on the WE Vision implementation to WE Working Groups, Members and WE strategic stakeholders.

• Are essential in driving the WE Water-oriented Living Labs (WoLLs) development and implementation agenda, fostering the market outreach of R&Ι results, and striving towards the achievement of the SDGs, and especially the SDG 6. Each VLT shall:

• Develop a work plan for the duration of its lifetime and annual reporting on its activities.

• Contribute to the production of at least one WE White Paper.

• Organise regular VLT meetings – It is suggested to have at least one VLT meeting per month.

• Represent Water Europe and VLT members as Water Europe Ambassadors in public events. VLTs operate in full compliance with the WE Vision, Strategy, and governance rules. All VLT members are considered as WE Ambassadors and need to comply with the WE Code of Conduct, as reflected in the WE Bylaws