About EIA

The European Irrigation Association is active since 1991. Previously seated in France, the European Irrigation Association is now officially established as an association in Brussels, Belgium since 5 June 2013.

The EIA is active on three levels:

  1. Norms, standards and tests
  2. Education and Certification
  3. Information and Communication



The EIA, through national organisations in charge of standards and by direct contacts with the CEN and ISO working-committees, contributes to the establishment of comprehensive and quality orientated international norms and standards. The EIA can assist its members in the understanding of these norms. The research and testing centre IRSTEA is a partner of the EIA.



The EIA, through its national delagations develops Education and Certification programmes. The individuals trained gain a competitive advantage and the quality of the systems installed by them is an effective added value.



The EIA is recognised as a unique source of information about our industry not only by irrigation professionals but also by governmental and European bodies; those making decisions on projects and cooperation programmes including irrigation.

  • The EIA regroups all professionals in Western and Eastern Europe involved in the irrigation industry (manufacturers, importers, distributors, dealers, contractors, landscape architects, consultants, individuals, water and energy agencies, students/universities). The EIA is anticipating new trends within the market, new irrigation techniques. Meetings are organised periodically to discuss these technologies and innovations.
  • The EIA is  represented in 15 countries within Europe and beyond
  • As a member you can get in touch with potential buyers, international project decision makers, with suppliers and product high-flyers. You can make your voice heard in the European irrigation industry.



One media partner of EIA is the international magazine specialised in irrigation, Irrigazette, a very active partner in the promotion of EIA events (such as the annual 'Irrigation Days').

For further information, please go to: https://irrigazette.com/

Another media partner is New Ag International, an international magazines specialised in high-tech agriculture, collaborating with the EIA on media coverage for various activities and events of interest to the audiences of both EIA and this magazine.

For more information, please go to: http://www.newaginternational.com/.