The EIA recently joined as Liaison Partner two Technical Committees of the CEN

The EIA Board recently decided to apply to join as Liaison Partner two Technical Committees of the CEN, the European Standardisation Committee in Bruxellesthe CEN/TC 334 (Irrigation techniques) and the CEN/TC 144 (Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry including mobile irrigation machines such as reels machines, center pivots and lateral move systems).

Our candidatures for both committee TC 144 and TC 334 have  been approved and we named during the last Board meeting of the association  two delegates : Mr Alessadro Calanna from Irritec will be delegate for the CEN 334 and M. Jean-François Cornacchia from Irrifrance will be delegate for the CEN 144.

This status of Liaison Partner gives the EIA a unique opportunity to influence the preparation of standards in both key areas of our industry’s activities.  

Our two delegates will attend to the technical committees of the CEN and the EIA members will be informed about these developments on regular basis by email communication.

We are inviting the  professionals interested in standardization to join EIA and engage in the process.