A garden .... on the roof

Plants have been grown on the terrace roofs of building for around thirty years, but now more than ever, planting vegetation on buildings fulfils many varied functions in response to a number of key issues:
• protecting the building and increasing the life of the outer surfaces and cover materials (waterproofing, for example);
• participating in the everyday comfort of the buildings (sound and thermal proofing);
• contributes towards the everyday comfort of densely populated urban areas (reduction in the heat island effect through evapotranspiration, combatting pollution);
• contributes towards storm water management (prevents the saturation/clogging of the drainage networks through the temporary retention of water on the roof) in a natural and economic manner;
• contributes towards maintaining and developing biodiversity in an urban environment by using the
green belt notion;
• contributes towards the city life, economically (for the people who only consume locally-produced food) or socially (by creating a connection) by embracing home garden vegetable production.

Adivet for the green roof section and Vincent Trottet, Rain Bird for the irrigation section