The Director of Engineering and Services at the SCP (Provence Canal Company) has been Elected President of AFEID

On 28th June 2019, Bruno Grawitz, Director of Engineering and Services at the SCP, has been elected president of the AFEID, an association that pools all the French expertise in matters relating to water used in agriculture for food production and the development of rural areas, SCP being one of the founder members.
An important player in the field of irrigation and agriculture, the SCP thus continues to be at the heart of the future challenges facing the world of agriculture and to participate in the development and implementation of innovative solutions aimed at sustaining production, both in terms of quantity and quality, especially in the light of climate change.
The French Association for Water, Irrigation and Drainage is a nonprofitmaking organisation established in 1952. It has since concentrated on obtaining a hub of knowledge, methodologies and technologies related to agricultural water and environmental issues, both at national and international level. It also encourages the dissemination of French know-how and expertise and contributes towards cooperation efforts. AFEID is, in fact, a member of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and, in this respect, explains the French position vis-à-vis its area of expertise, in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Before taking up the presidency of the association, Bruno Grawitz had already, since early-2013, created a road map aimed at accelerating his dynamic policy of opening-up and exchanging ideas. Today he wishes to position AFEID more as a veritable laboratory of ideas, allowing it to strengthen the pooling of knowledge and new solutions. In fact, in a world where the effects of climate change require rapid adaptation to and the sharing of good practices, it has become essential for AFEID to be even more at the heart of an ecosystem of collective knowledge and expertise.