Benefits of becoming a member

What are the advantages of EIA Membership?

1. By being a recognised stakeholder by international organisations e.g. European Institutions, OECD, FAO, WB, the EIA is advocating the industry positions on irrigation, water management and sustainable productivity.

2. The EIA tracks the new legislative initiatives relevant for its members and is able to influence the process from the outset and support the irrigation cause

3. EIA membership gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. EIA is the independent voice representing all manufacturers, distributors and service providers involved in irrigation and water management.

4. Being a recognised partner by professional associations such as CEJA- Confédération

5. Access to EIA EDUCATION PROGRAMMES Members will have access to EIA educational programs and training sessions (similar to those of IA) at special rates. EIA can offer its support to companies that wish to organise their own training sessions.

6. VISIBILITY on the EIA website and through EIA’s well-established media partnership