Irrigants d’Europe - IE and European Irrigation Association - EIA just signed a Cooperation Agreement

The two associations have concluded that a mutual effort in promoting irrigated agriculture would enhance the likelihood of letting the voice of the sector be heard among National and EU institutions and decision makers; IE and EIA, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, have agreed to team up in the pursuit of making closer connections between manufacturers of irrigation equipment and agricultural water stakeholders. 

The goal and objectives of this contract are to carry out promotion and lobbying activities at European and international level for the irrigation, agriculture and water management sector.

To achieve this goals, the two associations are planning to :

- Organise or participate in meetings with the Commission, the Council or the European Parliament as well as with organisations in the EU able to affect directly or indirectly the agricultural water management and the irrigated agriculture sector,

- Provide to the European Commission, as well as to public and private bodies, information, opinions and positions on irrigation and water management in agriculture;

- Organize meetings, conferences, forums and webinars, including participation in social networks, courses and programs of cooperation intended to exchange scientific and technical knowledge concerning the use and management of water in agriculture;

The idea is to promote activities highlighting the advantages and positive impacts irrigation and water management in agriculture have on the environment and society in general.

This agreement has been signed for 24 months.