Naandanjain Ibérica joined the EIA as a new member


Naandanjain Ibérica  Is the Subsidiary for the Iberian Peninsula and Magreb of NDJ Irrigation.

Their activity is focused on the manufacture, marketing and delivery of turnkey projects of localised irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler).

NaanDanjain provides the widest range of cost-effective and customized irrigation solutions, being the only company to offer a ONE STOP SHOP solution to the farmer: specially tailored, top quality solutions and products that deliver higher productivity per unit of resources. NaanDanjain expertise and leadership comprises: micro-irrigation systems (drip irrigation, microsprinklers), Sprinklers systems, Accessories (filtration, valves, ultrasonic hidrometers etc.), turn key solutions in irrigation and Precision Agriculture solutions (AgTech, Satellite imagery irrigation monitoring systems, H202 injection in-line solutions, Nanobubble technologies etc.).