Training and Certification

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An important goal of the Association is to promote professionalism in the industry at all levels. To organize and control this important goal the EIA is implementing a special committee focusing on education and certification  with a separate board of directors. Directors will  represent the manufacturers level , the distributor level, the professional consultant and the contractor level and there will also be a  scientific representation.

The committee will promote professionalism through training and education. It will therefore organize and promote independent training classes, education programs and training tools . 
The target group for the EIA is in first place the adult irrigation professional who wants to increase his knowledge and skills in irrigation. However, all training organized by EIA will be open for every individual.

The focus in education and training is always to increase theoretical knowledge and professional skills (hands on training ). Several tools will be created to increase both knowledge and skills.

  • EIA Education classes

The EIA will produce professional irrigation training in corporation with  Certification. In its training classes the EIA will specifically focus on the skills and knowledge needed for a typical irrigation professional activity validated through test and or exam. For these classes the committee will work with a fixed staff of education professionals (trainers). Attendees of the education classes receive certificates of participation.
The certificate of participation stands for a certain n° of CEU’s.

  • External training

EIA also recognizes external irrigation training. These classes can be recommended to become a Certified Irrigation Professional. However, certification can only be handled by EIA. Consequently these classes will stand for a number of  CEU’s.

EIA will promote several training tools that can be purchased from EIA. These tools include, EIA training booklets, Irrigation papers, books, auditing kits. These tools can be recommended to prepare for EIA examination.

  • Irrigation sessions:

In order to give the certified professional the opportunity to gain CEU’s, the education committee will organize irrigation conferences and sessions. These conferences and sessions will handle specific irrigation topics, papers.This might also include visits to some specific irrigation projects, technical centers or research labs.