Professional Irrigation

Technical and scientific developments are key to the future of irrigation hence IRSTEA (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture) as an active member of EIA. This page gathers a mixture of interesting technical articles regarding water management topics such as irrigation, water reuse or equipment.
Can Waste Water Be Reused for Irrigation? By Bruno Molle, Séverine Tomas, Mathieu Audouard (IRSTEA),Nicolas Condom, Jean-David Labails (ECOFILAE)
Evaporation and wind drift losses during sprinkler irrigation influenced by droplet size distribution. By Bruno Molle, Séverine Tomas, M. Hendawi and J. Granier
The reuse of reclaimed water for irrigation around the Mediterranean Rim: a step towards a more virtuous cycle? Nassim Ait-Mouheb, Akiça Bahri, Bechir Ben Thayer, Boumediene Benyahia, Guilhem Bourrié, Brahim Cherki, Nicolas Condom, Rémi Declercq, Adem Gunes, Marc Héran, Nurgul Kitir, Bruno Molle Dominique Patureau Alfieri Pollice Alain Rapaport Pierre Renault Khalifa Riahi Bruno Romagny, Tewfik Sari, Carole Sinfort,  Jean-Philippe Steyer, Samer Talozi, Bulent Topcuoglu, Metin Turan, Nathalie Wéry, Ertan Yıldırım, Jérôme Harmand
Which water quality for which uses? Overcoming overzealous use of the precautionary principle to reclaim waste water for appropriate irrigation uses. B. Molle, F. Brelle, J. Bessy and D. Gatel