National Delegates

EIA has a number of members that are voluntarily working for the EIA as an ambassador. The National Delegates know EIA inside and outside and will be able to help  you with your queries.  If you have country specific questions or would like to know more about what EIA does in your own language, why not contact one of our National Delegates from the list below. 




ND Benelux



ND Croatia/Serbia/Montenegro/


Damir Cizmek

ND France

Bruno Molle

ND France

Xavier Botrel

ND France

Yvain Mirabal

ND Germany

Hartwig Peter

ND Germany

Jorg Fischer

ND Greece/Cyprus

Mihalis Panagis

ND Hungary

Hordós László Gergely

ND Israel

Mike Yaniv

ND Italy

Jan Carlo di Paola

ND Italy

Andrea Risso

ND Italy

Frederico Gradella

ND Italy

Oliviano Spadotto

ND Portugal



ND Russia

Artem Lipatkin
ND Russia/Ukraine/Belorussia Carlo Fontana

ND Spain

Santiago Casanella

ND Turkey

Tarik Karaoglu