Over 25 Irrigations professionals receive EIA Certification

Brussels - In a challenging global economic context, the European Irrigation Organisation organised two training classes for Irrigation Professionals to promote professionalism in the industry at all levels, in conjunction with the Agritechnica Fair in Hanover, the world’s leading international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment exhibitors.

The classes, held from 12-14 November, were the occasion for European Irrigation Professionals from the biggest European markets and Irrigation companies to join and discuss new business practices and highlighted the importance for the continued development of  innovative Irrigation techniques. In this context, the vast potential of water saving by re-using waste water was particularly noted.

The two-day Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), was followed by the Non-Conventional Water Reuse by Irrigation class.

Water scarcity, summer irrigation restrictions, induced economic losses, and nutrient use research, made CLIA students think about reusing treated wastewater. The students that successfully joined the CLIA class became aware of the issues and the latest developments abroad and acquired the necessary knowledge to characterise water sources, their use and the associated risks. Professionals now know how to implement and carry out a sequenced project based approach in line with international recommendations, obtained knowledge on the benefits/costs balance and became aware of the main regulatory aspects and their implications.

Students in the Non-Conventional Water Reuse by Irrigation class received a 2 days of training on how to audit an irrigation system. To implement this knowledge, students got a hands-on training on a nearby golf course. Results of the irrigation system audit were astounding. It turned out that the irrigations system at hand was running with a uniformity of only 36 %. Having experiences in practice how to use water efficiently, Students will be better able to evaluate system performance. Students took examination to complete the course, and those graduated, are now called “Certified Irrigation Auditors”.

EIA President Paulo Félix highlighted the importance of continuous training and certification of Irrigation Professionals, especially in financially tough times. “EIA Certification is proof of a high level of professionalism, and guarantees the Irrigation Professional applies the latest and most efficient Irrigation techniques.


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