OECD Studies on Water - Water Governance in the Netherlands

It is the purpose of the OECD-Netherlands water policy dialogue to address this question, by applying a lens to the current state of play in Dutch water management and identifying ways in which the governance framework can be adjusted so that it is “fit for the future”. This report on the outcomes of the policy dialogue focuses on the close interconnection between water governance and water security, both now and in the future. It outlines an agenda for future water policies in the Netherlands, which can improve the country’s capacity to cope with future trends driven by climate change, economic growth, demographic patterns or innovation.
The report builds on OECD work on water governance that provides policy makers with a range of tools and indicators to diagnose and overcome major governance gaps in water policy design and implementation. This work proposes a set of overarching principles that can support context-dependent and place-based responses to water challenges, rather than onesize- fits-all solutions. Such principles relate to articulating who does what across public authorities and levels of government, considering appropriate spatial and time scales, developing innovative partnerships to engage stakeholders across sectors, monitoring and evaluating progress, fostering integrity and transparency, and allocating human and financial resources in line with responsibilities.
The report is also based on recent OECD work on water security and the use of a riskbased approach that helps governments to address the economic and other impacts of waterrelated risks, and to unlock the policy puzzle in order to effectively manage those risks. This approach requires that governments appraise the risks, judge the tolerability and acceptability of risks and weigh risk-risk trade-offs, and then calibrate appropriate responses taking into account short and long-term considerations.
The EIA is an active contributer to the  OECD Water Governance Initiative 
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