Launch of the OECD report “Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance”

On Monday 13 April 2015, the report “Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance” was launched in Daegu, Korea during the session “Stakeholder Engagement in the Water Sector: How to Get There?” of the 7th World Water Forum. 

  • The report assesses the current trends, drivers, obstacles,  mechanisms, impacts, costs and benefits of stakeholder  engagement in the water sector. It builds on empirical data  collected through an extensive survey across 215 water-related  stakeholders and 69 case studies collected worldwide. The report  stems from a 18-month policy dialogue within the working group  on Stakeholder Engagement of the OECD Water Governance  Initiative

 Findings provide evidence on the shift of power across  stakeholders; the arrival of new entrants that ought to be  considered; the external and internal drivers that have triggered  engagement processes; innovative tools that have emerged to  manage the interface between multiple players; and types of costs and benefits incurred by engagement at policy and project levels.

The report suggests policy guidance to decision makers and practitioners in the form of 6 key Principles and a Checklist for Public Action with indicators, international references and self-assessment questions to set up the framework conditions needed to yield the short and long-term benefits of stakeholder engagement.

The report can be downloaded for free through the OECD ILibrary

(Username: 2015oecd-gov; Password: 2015oecdilibrary)

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