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EIA hires Camille Ayala as Communication Officer

The European Irrigation Association (EIA) is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ms. Camille Ayala. She joins the EIA team as a Communication Manager. She is working from the new EIA Communication Office in Montpellier, France.

Within this role, Camille Ayala improves EIA visibility, through an up to date website, creating better relationships with the different irrigation professional associations and the organisation of the annual EIA conference.

She also develops and implements EIA training courses by collecting resources, upgrading existing documents and encouraging collaboration between existing training facilities.

In addition to these tasks, she supervises the new Irrigation guide cowritten by EIA, AFEID (The French Association for Water, Irrigation and Drainage) and other European institutions that have yet to be determined.

The European Irrigation Association (EIA) is involved in various activities related to the promotion of the irrigation sector, so as to improve its knowledge and recognition. It currently has around 60 members from the industrial and commercial  irrigation sector.

For more information, you can contact Paul Wilczek, or visit EIA website: